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Carmel and Monterey Tours

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Tour the world-famous Northern California coast from San Francisco or any Bay Area location with FS Bay Area Limo! Relax on our Monterey and Carmel tour and enjoy the scenic splendor of Route 1, including the rugged and dramatic Monterey coastline, from the luxury of your own private limo. Your limousine can start out early from San Francisco, taking Route 1 all the way south and stopping along the way at postcard-perfect picture spots, or just to take in the fresh Northern California coastal air. Take a spin through Santa Cruz in your limo, stopping at the boardwalk to experience the rides, the beach, and feel that 1950s California atmosphere. Then your Monterey and Carmel tour can continue on to the gorgeous panorama of Monterey Bay, taking your limo on a side trip through Cannery Row or the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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